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The Beginning

Diana Vincent grew up surrounded by a family of creative minds, so it was only natural for her to display an affinity for art from a young age. Her creative flair came through in everything she did. Being close with her uncle James Galanos, internationally acclaimed couturier, Diana was exposed to the hippest NYC scenes and the world of couture fashion in the 80’s. It’s no wonder that Diana was able to so easily merge her love for art with her love for fashion.

Enrolled as a graphic design major at the Tyler School of Art, Diana quickly found the metal department and started exploring the craft. It wasn’t long before she was creating jewelry that became the groundwork of her signature style today.

From Garage to Global

What has evolved into a sophisticated brand started in the family garage by building a small goldsmith workshop with her partner, Vince Polisano. With Diana’s design intuition and Vince’s passion for traditional craftsmanship, they spent a year building their first collection for the American Craft Council’s Rhinebeck Arts Festival. It is here the work of Diana Vincent was discovered by Mort Abelson, who played a major role in seeking out emerging artists to introduce a new standard of design within the American jewelry industry.

Diana Vincent Debuts

At only 26 years of age and after just one year in the business, Diana Vincent became the youngest recipient of the prestigious DeBeers Diamonds International Award in Paris for her 18K yellow and white gold bracelet sprinkled with 1360 diamonds. Diana’s unique design style combined with this uncommon ‘sprinkling’ technique turned into a worldwide fascination and launched Diana Vincent onto her successful path. That same year, Diana Vincent was awarded New Designer of the Year by Jewelers of America.

One More Time

Diana Vincent wins the DeBeers Diamond International Award in Milan, becoming the only American jewelry designer to win the coveted award consecutively, validating Diana Vincent’s place in the fine jewelry design world. Shortly after, Diana Vincent’s award winning design was purchased by DeBeers and installed into their Private Collection.

A Design Icon is Born

Diana Vincent’s Contour ring wins the DeBeers Diamonds Today Award, establishing this collection as a benchmark for future contemporary fine jewelry. The simple elegant curves of the Contour Collection become a hallmark of Diana Vincent’s jewelry and the anchor of her signature look.

The Best Take Notice

The American Jewelry Design Council is comprised of some of the most respected design talent in the industry. In 1994 Diana Vincent’s peers recognize her as one of America’s best and invite her into the AJDC.

Contour Stands the Test of Time

Diana Vincent wins the DeBeers Diamonds Today Award for its 3-Stone Contour Ring 12 years after the original solitaire Contour Ring’s unrivaled design brought similar recognition. The multi-award-winning collection inspired the world of fine jewelry and continues to stand the test of time to this day.

The New Store

The Washington Crossing store opens and becomes the exclusive retailer of Diana Vincent Jewelry Designs. The same year, the American Institute of Architects awards Diana Vincent for the building’s architectural design, reflecting Diana Vincent’s sense of style.

Top One Hundred

Diana Vincent named one of the Top 100 Jewelry Designers of the past 30 years by National Jeweler Magazine and by Jewelers of America.

Lambertville Comes to Life

The Diana Vincent Contemporary Fine Jewelry Gallery was founded as a unique venue to exhibit progressive work in fine art jewelry. Opened with the mission to bring exposure to emerging and established artists, the gallery presents group and solo exhibits, education pertaining to fine arts and collaboration with other galleries, museums and institutions.

Diana Vincent Reimages the Engagement Ring

Unparalleled in design, Steller sets a new standard, bridging the gap between art and tradition.

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