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A magnificent stone can go unnoticed in an ordinary ring. Set any stone in a Diana Vincent design and you will end up with an extraordinary ring!

When you see a diamond ring sparkle, many characteristics come together to give it that glitter. At Diana Vincent we feel the most important qualities to consider when comparing diamonds are the cut and color, with clarity and carat weight following. When a diamond is ranked desirably in all of these categories, the result is one stunning, scintillating stone.

Diana Vincent Jewelry Designs is a long-standing member of the American Gem Society. Our GIA certified graduate gemologist meticulously hand-selects each stone for use in creating every piece of Diana Vincent brand diamond jewelry. Every diamond is sourced ethically, abiding by the Kimberly Process.

A Cut above the Rest

The cut of a diamond doesn’t mean just the shape, but also refers to proportion, symmetry and polish. When a diamond interacts with light, every angle and every facet affects the amount of light returned to the eye. For maximum brilliance we select diamonds with an excellent or very good cut.

Jeweler inspecting a Diamond at Diana Vincent

Diamond Cuts Chart

Color: Less is More

The GIA color scale starts at D, representing a completely colorless stone, like a drop of pure water. While colorless diamonds are very rare, at Diana Vincent we consider F-H to be the sweet spot for someone looking for a high quality, near colorless stone. Even the slightest hint of color can make a dramatic difference.

Diamond Color Quality Chart

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A Moment of Clarity

No diamond is perfectly pure. Diamonds have internal features, called inclusions, and surface irregularities, called blemishes. We suggest diamonds within the VS1 to SI1 range, which means in order to see any blemishes or inclusions in the stone you would need to be looking through 10x magnification. To the naked eye, flawless to an SI2 diamonds may look similar, however these diamonds are quite different in terms of overall quality and value.

Diana Vincent Diamond Ring

Diamond Clariy Chart

Carat: Is It Worth the Weight?

Not always affecting the beauty, diamond carat weight is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. Just as a dollar is divided into 100 pennies, a carat is divided into 100 points. For example, a 50-point diamond weighs 0.50 carats. Bigger is not always better, but larger diamonds of the same quality are worth more per carat.

Diamond Carat Size Chart


Diana Vincent Jewelry Designs is a member of the American Gem Society.
Our GIA certified master gemologist hand selects every stone, and every diamond is
sourced ethically, abiding by the Kimberly Process.


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