The Team of Designers, Jewelers, Gemologists, Stone Setters & Craftsmen

Diana Vincent

Designer & Owner

Diana’s jacked, which you might not expect from a woman who loves to bake as much as she. Passionate in everything she says and does, Diana always has a strong opinion. You can see it in her style, you can feel it in her work and it has established her own powerful voice as a designer.

Vincent Polisano

Owner and Jeweler

Vince's motto could be “surround yourself with good people, because it’s better to be alone than in bad company.” This would explain why he has assembled such a great team at Diana Vincent. Vince’s laidback personality makes everyone feel at ease and he ensures everyone is taken care of before sitting at the bench. He is the yin to Diana’s yang and their synergy of design and technical knowledge is what creates such a successful company.

Judy Weber


You’ll hear her before you see her - Judy’s laugh can instantly warm a room. Judy skillfully selects our gemstones at Diana Vincent, and her discerning eye has led her to be the best. What we really admire about Judy is her inviting personality and sincerity no matter who she is dealing with. Known to flit off to Vail at a moment’s notice, she’s happiest when she’s navigating the slopes.

Devan Jenkins

CAD Designer

Do blondes really have more fun? After spending just a day with Devan the answer is a resounding YES. You’ll quickly realize this family girl is really a little kid at heart. One part free spirit and one part design savvy model maker, when she first came in for her interview she said she could do anything - and we quickly found out its true. She spends her days 3D designing and soaking up the sun, and her nights sweating it out at hot yoga.

Sunny Yuen

Master Craftsman

Also known as Sensei, Sunny is the master craftsman. A man of tradition at work and at home, he has been the glue holding the workshop together for over 30 years. Sunny is magical in the way he can understand Diane and execute her sketches & ideas. When Sunny is in the workshop you can expect to hear records on repeat, Christmas carols even in July, and countless stories about his adorable grandchildren.

Amanda Stern

Jeweler/Stone Setter

Don’t be deceived by her initially quiet demeanor. With Stern, bird’s the word. She is the “Tu Di” (apprentice) to Sunny the Sensei. Apart from her talents as jeweler & stone setter, you’ll find her on the weekends covered in paint designing movie sets, at the coffee shop sketching, or repurposing some cool thrift store finds. Oh… and she makes the best pie in all of Eastern PA.

Joe Ridgeway

Diamond Setter

The first thing you might notice about Joe: his burly beard (which he had before it was cool). He sets diamonds to the sounds of Lovin’ Spoonful, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. There’s a certain finesse required with all of the pieces at Diana Vincent (this is not straightforward setting) but we can always rely on Joe to bring it all together. At the end of the day, he likes to kick back with his two cats and a bourbon Manhattan.

Samantha Hardcastle


If it’s food, style, or what’s happening around town, Samantha is on it. She has her head in the cloud, and ear to the ground keeping current on what is trending on the internet and within local business. As our Social Media maven, Sam brings you into the world of Diana Vincent. Whether it’s posting the latest and greatest from the studio, or promoting events, she keeps our customers in the loop. When she’s not dishing out information, she’s busy plating up a new and exciting recipe or curling up on the couch with her beloved pooch.

The Diana Vincent Team

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