Custom Design

Pick a Diamond for Custom Design by Diana Vincent

Custom Design

This is a unique and intimate opportunity to work in collaboration with renowned jewelry designer Diana Vincent. Create a personalized one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that commemorates a significant milestone, special moment or showcases your individual style. The Diana Vincent studio will bring your vision to life by encompassing all the imagination, skill and attention to detail that we put into our craft. Together, we will capture a moment in time by developing a beautiful piece of jewelry that reflects part of you and no one else may have.

Necklace Design Sketch
Necklace for Custom Design by Diana Vincent



Honor your heritage by remounting a family heirloom into an original Diana Vincent Design. The Diana Vincent studio offers timeless designs allowing you to build on the stories of the past and continue to create a tradition to be passed down to future generations.

Steller Diamond Ring and Sketch
Diamond Engagement Ring Diana Vincent

The Studio Collection

Diamond Topaz Ring and Sketch

The Diana Vincent Studio Collection is comprised of one of a kind and limited edition pieces. Each design is a well-orchestrated expression of Diana’s art, meticulously developed and hand crafted using time-honored techniques. These dramatic statement pieces enable the wearer to stand out, expressing their individuality and spirit. Highly coveted and collected, the studio collection showcases Diane’s design expertise.

Diamond Topaz Ring

“The jewelry Diana Vincent designs and produces is true art. Everyone we worked with throughout the process was warm, engaging, and helpful.”

- Melech F.

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