Diana Vincent Uncompromising Craftsmanship Jewelry Designs

Uncompromising Artistry

In the Diana Vincent Studio, a small group of talented craftspeople create with precision and dexterity. It is with the highest level of skill and in close collaboration with the designer that our team meticulously creates each piece of Diana Vincent jewelry.

Depth of Wisdom

We continue to build on our 30 years of experience by incorporating the newest and most innovative technology available, however the brand still remains rooted in the art of hand craftsmanship.

“Design, talent and time are woven into the creation of a piece of art.”



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Continuum Diamond Ring

Attention to Detail

Cutting and shaping metals by hand, meticulously setting diamonds and gemstones one by one, and even polishing with linen threads coated in rouge to get into the smallest delicate areas, are all traditional techniques the studio uses to achieve the highest standard of our craft. The end result is always the same: a tight, clean, refined look that can only be achieved with a sensitive eye and the human touch.


“Without the talented artisans in the workshop, we could not have maintained the traditions as well as we have.” says Vince Polisano, company Co-Founder. “When you visit the workshop, you can see the passion of the craftsmen and feel the emotion.”

Contour Diamond ring

Endless Possibilities

While many of the designs in our galleries are part of established Diana Vincent Collections, our process allows us to create sophisticated one-of-a-kind pieces, custom jewelry and personalized engagement rings. And thanks to our on-site workshop and talented design team anything is possible.

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